Sibling Love & Pasta Puke

The Plan

go This afternoon Nina and I were texting about what we were going to do this evening. Nina was feeling under the weather so we agreed an early night was in order. The plan was to go to bed as soon as Jack and Lucy were asleep. We’d take the laptop to watch something and have a Baileys hot chocolate to cheer us up (it’s nearly Christmas, Baileys is allowed). A pretty sweet plan.

The Reality

source link Yeah it didn’t play out that way. Jack was just dropping off to sleep when Lucy projectile vomited in the other room. She’d told Nina she felt poorly and said “I need an ice cold glass of water to make me better” (so cute). Unfortunately when Nina left to get it Lucy covered the whole room in pasta filled sick. It stunk to high heaven. Bless her, it was in her hair, all over her bed, her toys, everything. She perked up quite quickly and got in to the bath. Mouse and baby penguin bore the brunt of the sick storm so needed a bath of their own.

Sibling Love

Jack sprang up as soon as he heard Lucy cry. When she was in the bath he fetched her a flannel and a towel, even though he was half asleep. Then he scurried away and came back with his Spider-Man toy. He gave it to her to play with in the bath to cheer her up. They wind each other up something terrible most of the time. It was really nice though to see how caring they can be towards each other. Sibling Love is a wonderful thing.

What wasn’t nice was the sight of me and my massive bald patch, in my pyjamas, hosing down the sick from the bedclothes. The patio is now covered in pasta, the foxes will be dining in style tonight. That bald patch though – what the fuck?! 👴🏻

Lucy was sick again half an hour later and had to have her second bath of the night. In all seriousness it is horrible to see your children ill, you feel so helpless. She’s perked up a little now and is snuggled in our bed with Nina. By the way Nina is the most caring mom ever. She’s had enough practise with me so she’s an expert at looking after people with low IQs that can’t care for themselves.

It’s 22:42 and Jack is slowly falling asleep whilst watching Spiderwick Chronicles in bed. Should be fun getting him up for school tomorrow.

Sibling love


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