Scarecrows, Decorating & Hot Chocolate

neurontin street value Last night Nina and I had a rare night out as the kids had a sleepover at their Nan & Grandad’s. We had a lovely meal at The Highfield followed by the best cocktails ever at the brilliant Edgbaston Boutique.

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The Scarecrows

After a very welcome lie in we collected Jack & Lucy from my parents. Nina then took them to a scarecrow festival in Lapworth. It’s an annual festival with a trail of scarecrows that have been created by residents in their front gardens. This then leads to the Town Hall where there was a bouncy castle and market stalls. The kids absolutely loved it.


The Decorating

While the family were navigating their way through octopuses and David Hasselhoff scarecrows (no, really) I was decorating the spare room. This may sound like the short end of the straw to many. However with my anxiety as it is I need time to myself from time to time. The festival would have been nice but to be honest it wouldn’t have been all that relaxing for me. It was good to throw myself in to some painting, it helps me relax. It’s a work in progress but it’s getting there!

The Decorating

Unfortunately there was a massive downpour just as Nina, Jack & Lucy were leaving the festival. When they got home they were soaked through. The only thing to do was to dry off, put the kids in their onesies and snuggle up to watch a film. They chose The Lego Movie (although Lucy ended up watching Wissper on the iPad). I made them a hot chocolate each to help them warm up.

After tea (it’s breakfast, dinner & tea to me – no arguments), we started the long and drawn out process of putting the kids to bed. This subject deserves a blog post all to itself so look out for that one.

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