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Awareness, Anxiety and Escaping the Vicious Circleízdní-řády-olomouc The symptoms of anxiety can creep up at anytime, making it a particularly cruel illness. With time, patience and awareness however, it is possible to limit the impact of these unpredictable episodes.

how to buy Lyrica online It’s not uncommon for sufferers to feel healthy and positive in the lead up to an anxiety episode . The feelings of gaining fresh impetus to perform tasks, being creative and enjoying life can be invigorating. The positivity gained from these feelings is obviously welcome, but can make any subsequent relapses all the more difficult.

Remaining on an Even Keel

A key thing for anxiety sufferers to learn is how to temper the enthusiasm that the ‘good’ periods can create. This doesn’t mean being pessimistic or not embracing the positives, far from it. It just means continuing to care for yourself and your health at times when anxiety isn’t at the forefront of your mind.

allianz online insurance quote When feeling anxiety free there can be a natural inclination to go all guns blazing, taking on a host of new projects and make plan upon plan. This is an understandable reaction, the thought process is to cram as much in before the next anxiety episode hits. Unfortunately this so often leads to an inevitable crash due to tiredness and over stimulation. Anxiety sufferers often report feeling overly tired, dizzy and spaced out after over exertion. These physical feelings can be disturbing and upsetting, which in turn can lead to anxiety and depression symptoms. Anxiety can be a vicious circle which is why it’s a condition that needs careful management.

The Importance of Awareness

Awareness is a huge tool in coping with anxiety. Firstly there needs to be an a awareness that the disorder is present and needs addressing. It is easy for an anxiety disorder to be ignored and passed off as an everyday feeling that everybody experiences.

Once help is sought the next step is to gain an awareness of how anxiety manifests itself, what the triggers are and how they make you feel. This is when it becomes possible to limit the impact of the symptoms by using coping techniques as soon as the symptoms are recognised. This may involve taking a five minute break from the office, going for a walk in the fresh air or writing a mood diary or journal.

The awareness doesn’t stop there though. Even when feeling calm and stress free it is important to be aware of your limits. Be aware that over exertion can lead to further feelings of anxiousness.

Enjoy the good times but be aware of your body’s limits. If you do find yourself feeling down give yourself a rest, listen to your body.

It’s ok to need a rest and it’s ok not to be ok.

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