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Anxty – An Exciting New Project

How it all Started When I started my blog I didn’t really give a great deal of thought to who would be reading it. The idea was to use the blog as a bit of a creative outlet. There was no plan to gain followers or build up a social media following. If I’m honest I was sceptical about interacting with strangers over the internet.

see My basic thought when creating The GAD Dad was to write some fairly humorous, light hearted posts about being a dad, with a nod to the mental health issues that I experience. Until I started writing I didn’t realise what a passion I had for helping others with mental health conditions. Since starting writing I’ve received such a lot of love and support from friends and family. I’ve also received warmth and compassion from the online community. As a result, writing about mental health has very much become my main theme.

The GAD Dad Dilemma

With my increased desire to write about mental health issues and to support the mental health community it has become apparent that the original idea for the GAD Dad blog doesn’t really fit. In terms of the creative outlet I was seeking, I wanted to write fun articles, mess about a bit and share family stories and pictures. Doing this alongside posting some really deeply personal guest posts, for example, doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t feel that I can do justice to the mental health side of my work on the same platform that I post about more trivial and fun issues. It almost feels disrespectful to the people that come to the blog for support. Basically the blog has taken on two different directions and so needs two different sites………..

Introducing Anxty

finasteride eg 5 mg I’m delighted to introduce you to Anxty – a site and community dedicated to supporting and raising awareness of anxiety disorders. The site is something I’ve been wanting to create for a long time and I’m really pleased that it’s now launching.

Anxty will provide support and encouragement for anybody that feels they need a helping hand. The aim is to provide a place for anxiety disorder sufferers and their loved ones to go for resources, blog articles, advice and a general pick me up. It’s a non judgemental, easy going site that can act as a bit of a safe haven when the struggles of everyday life get a bit too much. Although designed with anxiety disorders in mind I very much hope that everybody can stop by and give their mental well-being a bit of love and attention 🙂

Next Steps

We want to make sure that the site is jam-packed with great content before going live. We’re currently writing articles and finishing off the website design. Anxty will consist of a team of writers to ensure that the site always has fresh and interesting content. The site has community at it’s core and if anybody would like to submit guest blogs, articles, artwork, whatever you like, please drop us an email at

We’d really love to you to join our community and if you head over to and join our community list you’ll receive updates on our progress. You’ll also be the first to know when the site goes live and we’ll send you a few bits and bobs to keep you entertained 🙂

Starting a new site is a bit nerve wracking, not knowing whether anybody will actually visit! If you could sign up we’d really appreciate it, just to reassure us!!

The GAD Dad Lives On!

This doesn’t mean the end of the GAD Dad, far from it. I’m really looking forward to writing lots more blog articles and being able to focus more on the things I love the most, being a dad, husband and all round entertainer!

I’d love for all of the GAD Dad followers to come and join us over at Anxty but at the same time I appreciate that not everybody wants to mix their light hearted blogs with mental health articles. That’s why I want to separate the two out – I won’t be offended if you only want to engage with one of the sites – but I will be if you don’t engage with either!!

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