About Me

http://revueplanches.com/event/23h72-blonk-pow-pow/ I’m a 34 year old husband to Nina and father of two, Jack who is five and Lucy who is three.

go I suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and mild depression for almost half of my life. This blog started off as an honest and candid record of my struggles, through my most difficult periods. The posts relating to my anxiety & depression can be found under The GAD Dad Blog – The Dark Days on the main menu.

I’m pleased to say that I have now made it through these dark times, which I honestly never thought would happen. I want to share my experiences in order yo help others who are battling against not only mental health issues but any difficulties in life. I’m proof that ordinary people can recover and live a happier life.

lithium ion battery price philippines This site is now focusing on recovery, positivity and coping mechanisms rather than chronicling my struggles.

Please drop me an email at thegaddad@gmail.com if you fancy getting in touch.